Will He Cheat On You?

Some women say, of course he would never cheat I give him everything. Recent studies reveal that 50%-60% of married men are unfaithful at some time in their marriage and women cheat 45%-55%.  About 70% of women have no idea or maybe they sense something is not right but do not want to acknowledge the fact that their spouse would cheat. Let me ask you a question. Does he actually tell you how he feels? I don’t mean him saying of course I love you, but saying I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU. There is a difference. Is he unpredictable? Do you attract emotional vampires – first they are great and romantic until the newness wears off. The two of you may two different ideas of what a relationship is in the area of commitment. Some have no moral compass, focusing on what they don’t have instead of what they do have!

Men give off hints that they are inclined to cheat.  Classic signs are:

Work late a lot or says he is working.

Cash withdrawals or unknown credit card charges.

A sudden lack of sex and intimacy.

Spends more time looking into the mirror than you and wants to update his wardrobe.

An eagerness to run errands that get him out of the house for hours.

Locking their phone or receiving phone calls or text late at night.

Concealing things from you.

Going out with the boys more often than usual.

Tells you he wants the girl he fell in love with and you are not that girl any longer or he would be happier.

Starting arguments to get him out of the house.

On line dating sites.

Settling into domestic routine can be boring for some men. When guys get lazy in a relationship, bad things can happen. Perhaps he had no positive male role model growing up causing abandonment issues. He’s very insecure and needs to prove his masculinity. Some just don’t know who they are and feel that there is a women out there that will fulfill their fantasies. Some just do not know what they want. In their heart, one foot is always out the door until someone more exciting comes along. But, he doesn’t want to lose you because he feels you make him a better person, a security blanket so to speak a soft place to fall and would never cheat on him. Those kinds of men want their cake and eat it too!