Sexual Issues

Sex therapy helps people restore or enhance the enjoyment of sex. Sexuality refers to an individual’s personal preference and sexual habits. Sexual issues are not uncommon. Between 30% and 40% of adults experience some sort of sexual problems in their lifetime. Below are some concerns:

Lack of sexual desire

Anxiety about sex



Sexual abuse or assault


Sexual impulses or compulsions that cause anxiety

Distorted body-image issues

Sexual issues may be a result of negative feelings or traumatic experiences in our past that prevent a person from being able to enjoy sexual intimacy. Our model of sexuality is formed by our family environment, childhood abuse or neglect, culture, religious influences and the media. These negative messages can distort our perspective of a healthy sex life.

Others may be a result of mental health issues, such as depressions, anxiety or a result of physical conditions, such as chemical imbalances, menopause, postpartum depression, or physical problems.

Sexual energy is powerful and can affect a person’s mood and general state of being. Discussing one’s sexuality, rather it being fantasies, inability to achieve orgasm or maintain arousal may provoke anxiety, frustration or shame.

By seeking counseling, a person can resolve and/or enhance his or her sexual experiences.

Of course, we help those who are contemplating divorce and serve as a mediator ensuring pertinent issues are resolved to both party’s satisfaction. Mediation is an alternative to the often expensive and mentally exhausting process of fighting about a divorce in a court of law.