Money and Financial Issues





Have you hit a brick wall; money issues can be a significant source of stress for us. We may become overwhelmed with negative feelings and self-criticism which can adversely affect our mental and physical health. Financial distress can cause negative effects on personal and family relationships.

Money problems can come in various forms. What one person considers a burden others may not consider an issue. If you make impulsive financial decisions i.e., compulsive shopping that fills an emotional void in our life, gambling or helping family members at your expense can be an indication of other issues in our lives. People who are in debt are at a greater risk for mental health issues than those who are not in debt. Those persons are at a greater risk for depression, alcohol and drug dependency, psychotic issues and suicide.

People who are dependent on drugs or alcohol may deplete their income paying for their addictions, have difficulty maintaining employment, and are more likely to engage in risky financial ventures in hopes of gaining “quick money”.

Most of us have experienced financial issues at some point in our life. Its how we handle the crisis that makes the difference.