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Cheryl Hudgins, Professional Life Coach

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Throughout my life, people have been asking me for help with their personal and professional issues.  Indeed, I have a flair for resolving such issues successfully. 

After graduating from college with both psychology and business degrees, I discovered coaching.  I enrolled in the Fowler International Academy and graduated as a Certified Professional Coach.  After which, I started my practice and am enjoying it immensely.  I have coached an occasional emergency case pro-bono.

Previously, I had been a manager at NASA in Houston, the financial manager with a realty company, and CFO of a construction company.  My interests include sports, animal rescue and interior design.  I have chaired many self-help groups, i.e, grief, co-dependency, weight issues, abuse and addiction.

As an Executive Business and Personal Coach, I help individuals realize how their lives can be much more fulfilling on both a personal and career level.  Many of us are restricted by fear.  I can help people overcome those fears and live their lives to the fullest.

My Approach

As a coach, I am a calming influence who is empathetic, direct, empowering, insightful, inspiring, intuitive, motivating, and supportive.  Most importantly, I am neither judgmental nor critical.

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